Amberley Park Galloways


56 Great years of Galloway Beef Cattle


Producing Diversity in Performance Galloway Genes and Type that Survive and Thrive


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“You know dad, it takes a great sire to produce a son better than himself”

AP Beef advocate natural conditions as far as possible, with minimum interference. The most valued animals have `long, thick and deep bodies, with great foraging ability, good maternal characteristics, quite cattle with a soft skin and coat…all resulting in easy care, productive cattle that produce a high quality & yielding carcase.

"It takes a great cow to produce a great bull that produces great cows"

Breeding our Performance Galloways females with the main aim of each cow starting at 2 years, having at least: eight good calves in eight years and breeding for this for over 50 years has resulted in a herd of cows that are: quite, fertile, easy calving, well structured, being able to survive the hard times and thrive in the good times.


Buda Wang Bukalong F30 (BW F30):

Malcolm Farquhar F16 (MSG F16):

Amberley Park Balance H20 (AP H20): at 2 yrs.

Amberley Park Moon Shadow L45 at 2 yrs.