Amberley Park Angus



NO Angus Bulls or females currently available for sale 


Amberley Park Angus was established to breed bulls for our Buchan Black breeding program. This has proved very successful with great results in sale yards, carcass competitions, grazing trials and in the paddock. As we produce more they required at AP there are a small number of bulls and females available for sale.

AP Beef advocate natural conditions as far as possible, with minimum interference. The most valued animals have `long, thick and deep bodies, with great foraging ability, good maternal characteristics, quite cattle with a soft skin and coat…all resulting in easy care, productive cattle.

Amberley Park has been performance recording under commercial conditions since 1965. Data including Breedplan and above and below traits ... all go into the selection process.

Data collected at Amberley Park:

·      Birth weights

·      200 day weights

·      400 day weights

·      600 day weights

·      Mature cow weights

·      BeefClass structural assessment

·      Semen checks

·      Testicle measurement

·      Temperament scores

·      Days to calving in AI programs



Amberley Park Zorro - CXL H1

Sire: Highlander of Stern. (NZ)

Dam: Oberon Z30 - VHD Z30

               At 2 years 905 kgs joined to 40 cows at 16months

Sold to Allen Caithness, Koonwarra, Gippsland


Latrobe Park Theo Z55 - CUS Z55

Sire: Booroomooka Theo T030

Dam: Ythandrae Bingo V197

  At 10 years old:  1065kg. great structure and easy calving bull.

VTM R144

Amberley Park Bozo H4 - CXL H4.  Sire: Te Mania Infinity

Dam: Oberon B2 - VHD B2 .... Sold to Graham & Helen Cock Lilydale



Cock & Bull Explorer B1 - CXL B1

 Sire: Strathewen New Dimension 7127 Z Z04

Dam: Cock & Bull Lovely W2 - CXL W2

 Produced at lot of great progeny MW - 1,100kg +





Amberley Park Zorro H1 - CXL H1 - Great Allrounder

"It takes a great cow to produce a great bull that produces great cows" 

Oberon Z30 - VHD Z30

Sire: Strathewen New Design T6 -  VSNT6

Dam: Oberon Q16

A great all round cow: temperament, performance, structure

Oberon B2 - VHD B2

Sire: B C C Bushwacker 41-93

Dam: Oberon Y10 (VHDY10)

A great all round cow: temperament, performance, structure

Oberon E2 - VHD E2
Oberon E2 - VHD E2