Scottish Blacks



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Recognition of the importance of cross breeding for hybrid vigour means that we need to have great purebreds to produce better crossbreds / composites!


Striving to be the best with consistency has always been an aim: for decades our cattle have been topping markets, grazing trials and carcass competitions and even the show ring.


Our breeding herds consist of Angus, Scottish Blacks and Galloways, These all have to fit Amberley Park’s mold of beef cattle with a natural ability to survive, thrive and produce a top quality beef product.


The web is a great resource for research. To further help in your decision making, we extend an invitation to inspect our herd and discuss how Amberley Park can assist with your breeding plans. 


We are heavily involved in the Beef & Galloway worlds and have a large inventory of embryos and semen available and if you are looking for Galloway or Scottish Black stock, Hannah can help.


Please don't hesitate to give us a call or send an email or phone


A very big thank you to all that have helped to make  the Amberley Park story so enjoyable and successful.




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